Valley Abachkou, Happy Valley, valley of Sremt with one night in tents

2 nights in a riad in Marrakech + 5 nights in lodge + 1 night in tent.

The valley of Ait Bougemez and the red valley of Ait Bouilli sit in the heart of the central High Atlas. They are still preserved from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and live peacefully with the seasons. You will also find dazzling and variable colors. The mud houses blend into the landscape of the Atlas. In this trip you can meet sedentary farmers of the valley of Ait Bougemez and the semi-nomadic herders of Ait Bouilli.

The highlights :

  • You will appreciate the vision and tradition of the Berbers of the Atlas.
  • Complete discovery of the valleys Ait Bougemez, Ait Bouilli and Sremt
  • Agricultural landscape
  • The adobe architecture of douars (villages)
  • Traces of dinosaurs
  • The granaries of the happy valley.

Note : this tour is feasible for any persons (from easy to difficult)

Location : Central High Atlas (Happy Valley)

Duration : 8 days with four and a half days walking

Level : easy

Period : early April to late November

Price per person :

  • 2 to 3 persons :  485 €
  • 4 t0 5 persons : 440 €
  • 6 to 8 persons : 410 €
  • 9 to 13 persons : 360 €
  • 14 to 18 persons : 300 €
  • 19 to 23 persons : 280 €

The price includes :

  • Transfers to and from the airport to the Riad
  • 2 nights at the Riad on half-board, and return
  • Transfers to and from Marrakech
  • Full room upon arrival in Morocco
  • Services of a guide and cook during the trek
  • Services of the muleteers
  • Camping and cooking equipment
  • 4 nights in the lodge + 1 night in tents
  • Entertainment with our mule team

The price does not inclue :

  • Repatriation insurance
  • Airline tickets
  • Personal drinks
  • Lunches in Marrakech
  • Tips for the team
  • Entrance fees to historical monuments

Program :

Day 1 : Arrival at the Marrkaech Menara airport, greeting and transfer time of 1o – 15 min to Riad. Night on half-board.

Day 2 : Marrakech- Azilal –  valley Ait Abas – enter the valley Ait Bougumez – vallée Ait Bouilli

Travel to Azilal, lunch en route and then on to Tizi n’Oughbar at 2200m altitude, stop and have photo shoot to view the snow-capped chain of Mgoun and other summits exceeding 3000m- the chain of RAT- Igoudamene, Tizal, and Azourki, then descend into the valley of Oued Lakhda. Right at the entrance to the valley of Ait Bougemez, we will veer to the right towards the valley of Ait Bouilli which means ‘owners of the sheep’ because it’s famous for its goat and sheep breeding. Finally, 12k later we will real Abachkou, the capitol of this valley. Sleep in lodge. 5hrs transportation from Marrakech, lunch in Azilal (or picnic) along the way.

Day 3 : Valley Ait Boulli, Abachkout, camp at Tafenfant at 2100 m.

First day of hiking- pack in the morning and set out. All the camping, cooking, and tent equipment will be loaded on the backs of mules, including your own luggage. We will pass through the green valley Iguelouane: red earth, unique landscapes of green and red contrasts with vibrant colors, wild landscapes. We will gaze and admire the ancient architecture style the Berbers have mastered. Around 250m in, we will climb up and cross the side of the mountain for a 5 hour walk. Overnight in tents, and enjoy the panoramic view of Ait Bougemez.

Day 4 : Tafenfant – valley  d’Arous – Happy Valley 1800 m.

We will commence from our camping site through thickets of juniper and oak trees then arrive on the steppe of Tamzrite at the entrance of the ‘Happy Valley’. We will discover of irrigation systems and typical architecture of the High Atlas. We will stop by dinosaur tracks in the village Aguerd n’Azrou dating from 180 million years ago. Overnight at the lodge “Tawada” in Imelghass.

Day 5 : Marabout Sidi Moussa  – the high valley of Ait Imi –  Adazen 2100m peak.

Visit the marabout and collective attic of Sidi Moussa, where inside you will find small rooms where families used to store their grain reserves which served as a backup plan in case of crop failure, famine, etc. Its strategic location also served to protect the resources of the villages in case of conflict. The structure is also a marabout which contains the tomb of Sidi Moussa. Some people still come from far away to ask that wishes be granted for them. We will continue to Ait Imi and discover the seven water mills in order to bypass the administrative Tabant where the guide school is located. Tabant also holds the weekly market- an important meeting place for villages where important decisions and transactions take place. Next, we will take the natural trail along the Bougemez River through irrigated crops, zigzagging between the fields and walnut tree groves. We will also inspect the threshing grounds, more unique architecture (Tighermt), and more dinosaur tracks in the village of Ibakleoune.

The raised peak of Adazen is our next destination, which divides the valley in two. On top you can enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view of both sides. 45min descent follows to return to the lodge Tawada in Imelghass. 6.5 hours of hiking.

Day 6 : Valley d’Ansous of Ait Ouriat at 2600 m – valley of  Sremt at 2000m.

We ascend into the valley of Ansous through the villages of Ait Ouriat where goat and sheep roam freely, meandering about until we climb up the Tizal mountain chain to go to the valley of Sremt. Enjoy another beautiful view of the valley of Bougemez behind the villages nestled into the mountains (a strategy used to leave as much room as possible for crops) and then down into the Sremt valley. Sremt is beautiful and filled with friendly people who will constantly invite us in for tea. Overnight in lodge in Sremt after 5.5 to 6 hours walking.

Day 7 :Valley of Sremt – Aghbar 2200 m – Marrakech.

Leave the valley towards the Sremt Aghbar with a 2.5 hr steady climb through oak and juniper forests. We will arrive at the top of the neck at a junction to meet up with our driver, baggage, and cargo to travel to Marrakech. Lunch at the Ouzoud waterfalls at a restaurant. After lunch, explore the waterfalls then continue to Marrakech and Riad Omar. Overnight. 4.5 hours drive.

Day 8 : Marrakech

Transfer to the airport according to your departure time.

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