With mountain guide experience since 1986, in 1993 I graduated at the training center for the trades of the mountains (CFAMM) installed in Africa.

Center Franco-Moroccan Cooperation is a well established training center with top quality professional instructors and Briançon guides.

After working as a guide for several companies (like Land of Adventure), in 1998 I decided to establish my own independent organization.

Earth and Soil was born, promoting a responsible approach to tourism in Morocco.

Our work is what people want within the tourism industry, and we choose our staff of muleteers, packers, cooks, etc. who can really benefit from the work.

In addition, we feel we have a civic duty towards our neighbors in the Ait Bouguemez valley, so we do free electricity installations in the homes of the Berbers with the help of popular French Aid.

We also help children in the area by providing them some clothing and school supplies.

Other projects are to come, God willing. For more information, pleace contact in Morocco Mr Mohamed Imharkan at 00 212 654 57 49 12..

With Thierry Modolo, it is a story of friendship and a shared passion of the mountains that has lasted over the last 23 years.