Tawada Lodge in Marocco

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In the Central High Atlas lays the valley of Ait Bouguemmez (also known as the Happy Valley, at 1870m in altitude) in the village of Imelghas is the lodge ” TAWADA ” .

Mohamed Imharkan and his family are happy to welcome you to their super lodge where you will share unforgettable moments with them, and you can discover their wonderful customs in beautiful Berber country.

During your stay here, you can enjoy 2 – 6 hour walks for 5 – 6 days of discovery of the impressive landscapes like the small gorges of Tighza, dinosaur tracks, ancient granaries (Marrabout), women’s cooperatives and associations, sculpture workshops, the peaks and ridges with beautiful views, wild terrain with sheep and goat, and the training center for mountaineers (the only such center in Africa).

You lodge provider will consult and help you for any information.
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The services provided by the lodge :

  • Guide for the day
  • Walking on foot or by mule
  • A place to rent a mule for the day
  • Bike rentals
  • Rentals of camping equipment
  • A cook for trekking while outside the lodge
  • A meeting room for workshops
  • Organization of trips with a star guide, including lots of freedom
  • Organization of paragliding stays
  • Organization of quad courses

– The lodge “TAWADA” is constructed of clay, respecting the customs and traditions of the valley and Berber culture.

– The lodge has ten clean and comfortable rooms including 4 rooms with double beds, hot shower, and toilet. The other 6 rooms have separate beds for 3 – 4 persons. Showers and bathrooms are included communally. Cleaned daily.

– The lodge has two floors with a terrace on the lower floor, exposure to much sunlight, and great views of the fields and nature.

– The second floor consists of a panoramic view of much of the valley, mountains, fields, etc…

– The entire outer surface of the lodge is made from clay and straw (traditional to the area).

Access to the lodge :

GPS coordinates : Latitude: 31.670486 | Longitude: -6.420167 | 1893 m

Starting from the small provincial capitol (of the same name) town of Azilal, entrance to this town is either from Marrakech or from Beni Mellal. The signs from both routes show Ait Bouguemez being 78km away. The administrative center of this beautiful valley is called Tabant. Arriving at the first main crossroad 20km outside of Azilal and 3km from Ait Mhamed, the two routes into Bouguemez are available. If we continue on the right we come through a bottle neck (area called Aghbar) we come out to a beautiful panoramic view of the second tallest mountain in North Africa, Mgoun, at 4072m aboe sea level through a small narrow valley called Ait Abass.

Continue on, and before the entrance to the valley, pass the sign that says 12km to Ait Bouli on the right and continue straight. The road passes straight through the villages of Agouti, Talsanant, Ait Ziri, Timmit, until you come to another fork in the road. Going right for 2km takes you to Tabant and going left up the hill takes you into the village of Imelghas. About 1.5km once you turn left up the hill you will see a large sign on the left that reads “Gite TAWADA” with all the information.

– Another possible access route, 20km from Azilal at the same fork in the road, two signs that are marked on the right for “Ait Bouguemez” and left for “Ait Mhamed” 3km and Zaouiat Ahensal, take the left well-paved road. Pass through the center of Ait Mhamed and stay on your right until you come to a sign that indicates Zaouiat Ahensal on your left and Ait Bouguemez on your right. Take the right and after about ten minutes you come to top of the pass “Tizi n’tirghiste” (2600m altitude) and enjoy a beautiful panorama on top of the Ait Bouguemez Valley. Continue down the road, staying on the right, then continue through a series for villages for 14km to the pass. Without having to ask anyone or worry, you will come to the village of Imelghas and will eventually come to see the large sign outside of our lodge that read “TAWADA” with all the contact information you received when booking.